Ombre Hair Color
written by: mablimbi

Ombre Hair Color caught Hollywood celebrities by storm around 2010. Suddenly most stars and starlets acquired tresses that had two glossy tones, one blond, and one brown. Though other colors have done a catch up, this hair style seems so perfect and it complements so many styles and clothes, that it may remain one of those hair fashions that never go away, like the blue jeans. One essential feature for Ombre Hair is long hair. In other words, it looks best on those who have hair that is at least a few inches below their shoulders.

Why people fancy it?
If you do not know what it is, you should have a look at how charming Drew Barrymore, Hillary Duff, and Rachel Bilson Chan look with it. Though the style was created for brunettes it has not spared others. There is a fragile appeal about this hair style, which makes people sporting it seem something out of a fairy tale. In a contemporary context, it is a more feminine and vulnerable type of look. The hair looks casual, and does not need much styling. The slightest of curls on straight hair will do the trick.

How it is done?
For starters, Salons remove any permanent hair dyes that may be there. For those with dark hair, a lightening treatment is essential, even though roots in Ombre hair coloring stay dark. It would be unrealistic to expect that black hair can be transformed into a platinum blond shade. Selecting the shades is the first step in such hair coloring. The darker shade should be preferably 3 to 4 times darker than the lighter shade. The next step is to lighten the hair if needed. The blond shade is used first but without touching the roots. 80 percent of this hair dye is applied. After half an hour, the remaining 20 percent of the dye is put on the root. After another 40 minutes the dye needs to be washed away. This needs to be done within 70 minutes of the first application for best results. The next step is to shampoo and blow-dry the hair. Now the darker shade is applied essentially only to the roots, but it is ensured that each and every root is covered by parting the hair so that it does not look odd. This shade is left there for approximately 35 minutes. Again the hair is washed and dried.

Maintenance tips:
A touch up a few times a year may be essential, but this depends upon the shades selected and the original color of one’s hair. Care must be taken with moisturizers, shampoos, and hair conditioners.

Where can you get it done?
Ombre hair coloring is offered at Patrone’s Day Spa, which is in Brooklyn, Michigan. We have a very illustrious clientele and highly professional staff who will guarantee high quality services. We make sure to keep up-to-date on latest advancements and trends. We also offer various salon services like facials, manicures, pedicures, and make up apart from hair coloring. So if you would like to look gorgeous with an professional Ombre hair coloring style make sure to schedule an appointment at Patrone’s Day Spa.