There’s nothing quite like indulging yourself with a trip to the salon, where every product they use is designed to make you look—and feel—amazing. But is there anything you can do in-between appointments to pamper your tresses and keep them looking like you just strolled out of the spa?

We tallied up our votes, and the answer: Yes! We came up with 10 must-have beauty products that are great for any season, any style and any budget.

Texturizing Wax Style Stick by Alterna 10 Must-Have Beauty Products for 2013

1. Texturizing Wax Style Stick by Alterna

This paraben-, sulfate- and phthalate-free texturizing wax stick is an absolute must for go-getters who need something fast, easy and manageable. Just glide this hair-nurturing style enhancer over your locks and you’ll enjoy a soft, workable style that holds fast when you’re on-the-go.

Moroccanoil® Treatment 10 Must-Have Beauty Products for 2013

2. Moroccanoil® Treatment

Smooth away frizz fast with the product that sent the world into a frenzy over argan oil. Use it as a base for conditioning, styling and finishing your amazing ‘do to start repairing the damage traditional hair products have done.


Aerogel 10 Must-Have Beauty Products for 2013

3. Aerogel

Stop overloading your hair with multiple products when you only need one. This lightweight fixative handles it all, from lifting roots to providing long-lasting hold and a silky, shiny finish.

Bamboo Shampoo and Conditioner 10 Must-Have Beauty Products for 2013

4. Bamboo Shampoo and Conditioner

Detox your locks with an ultra-gentle sulfate- and sodium chloride-free shampoo and conditioner that provides much-needed nourishment while resisting harmful UV rays. That means your color will stay strong and vibrant while you minimize potential damage to every strand.


Silk by Biosilk® 10 Must-Have Beauty Products for 2013

5. Silk by Biosilk®

Powerful natural ingredients make these therapeutic hair treatments an absolute necessity. They’ll help you repair sun and heat damage while smoothing out each follicle, and they’ll protect your tresses from everyday hazards, too.

Goldwell Dualsenses for Men 10 Must-Have Beauty Products for 2013

6. Goldwell Dualsenses for Men

Harness the hard-core cleansing power of natural ingredients for your hair—and even better, for your body. This amazingly scented hair and body shampoo is a must, whether you’re going to work, to the gym or headed out with your main squeeze.


Malibu C® Hard Water Wellness 10 Must-Have Beauty Products for 2013

7. Malibu C® Hard Water Wellness

Ditch the minerals and rust that can build up on your delicate tresses with this 100 percent vegan shampoo and conditioner. You’ll enjoy a silky-soft, lightweight feel that gives you a salon-quality shine every day.

Bamboo Uplifting Root Blast 10 Must-Have Beauty Products for 2013

8. Bamboo Uplifting Root Blast

Don’t let your hair drag you down; give your roots a boost with this lightweight, paraben-free formula that promotes hair health while giving you the sexy, full look you crave.


Bamboo Anti-Breakage Spray 10 Must-Have Beauty Products for 2013

9. Bamboo Anti-Breakage Spray

You’ve heard it before: heat is a killer. That goes for hair, too, which means you need something that protects, nourishes and strengthens while doing instant damage control—even if you’re subjecting it to 428-degree heat.

OPI Nail Envy 10 Must-Have Beauty Products for 2013

10. OPI Nail Envy

Okay, so it’s not for your hair. But these nail-strengthening polishes can work wonders for your hands by helping you solve all sorts of issues. From dry and brittle nails to sensitive and peeling nails, these stunning shades protect, nourish and enhance your natural nails to keep them healthy no matter what you put them through.

Whether you need to corral collateral damage or provide your hair with the essential oils, nutrients and minerals it needs to keep a salon-fresh look every day, Patrone’s Day Spa and Salon has you covered. Next time you stop in, check out our extensive selection of these and other health-promoting beauty products—and if you’re not sure what you need, just ask. We’ll be happy to help!

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