A Natural Look With Balayage Hair Coloring
written by: lashley

Balayage Hair Color is something you may have heard about but may not be sure exactly what it is. Balayage has become the most popular hair coloring request in hair salons across the nation and for good reason. This method of dyeing hair is done free-hand, and the end result will be unique to each person.

Each person’s hair is dyed using a technique that creates a graduated coloring along the length of the hair. Often this shading of color will start in the mid-length of the hair, then extend to the ends. The intensity of the shading can vary greatly. It can be a subtle transition or a more dramatic one.

If the coloring is done correctly, your hair will be easy to take care of, and as your hair begins to grow, you will not see your original hair color at the roots. Your natural color blends together with the dyed hair. A typical application of the Balayage technique will last up to four months.

Depending upon the hair stylist and the length of your hair, you will need several treatments to build up the color. Typically, this will be three visits to a salon that are six weeks apart. It is a slower process than traditional dyeing but looks more natural.

It is becoming common to see Hollywood celebrities with the Balayage coloring techniques. Jessica Biel is a good example. Drew Barrymore and Rachel Bilson are two more. The list is growing rapidly.

The hair that most stylists like to work with is hair that is natural and at least shoulder length. However, a skilled stylist can work with shorter hair, and you can consult with one to find out the possibilities for your hair.

The finished look will depend upon what you want, but it will also depend upon the skill of the hair stylist. This is why it is important to use a hair salon that has hair stylists that specialize in the Balayage hair coloring technique. Balayage Hair Color is done frequently at Patrones Day Spa in Brooklyn, Michigan. They have skilled stylists who can give you the look your desire.